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A shop of Mezuzot, Tefilines, Meguilot, Sifré Torah…

Yahalom haTorah is an online shop of objects of worship and products from the world of sofrout such as Sifré Torah, Tefilines, Mezuzot, Meguillot, Pitum haKetoret as well as works of art on the theme of Judaism.

Yahalom haTorah, recommended by Rav Ron Chaya, focuses primarily on the quality of its products, with laméhadrin certification, while offering you the current rates on the Israeli market.

Yahalom haTorah allows you to buy mezouzot and all other products online, just choose your product then order on our site and we will ship it by mail as soon as possible.

Our sofer stam (scribe) Daniel Malka, originally from France, made his alya in 2007 to study Torah full-time at the collel Yeshouot Yossef of Rav Ron Chaya for a period of 10 years. During this time he had the honor of studying with Rav Ron Chaya every day for 7 years. Today, Daniel is avrekh in one of the most prestigious collelim of Jerusalem, Ohel Yossef, directed by Rav Yossef Hai Abergel and gives evening lessons of Guemara in havrouta (binomial) in video conference Skype within the framework of the program Havruta from MyLeava.org

Sofrut products

Pitum haKetoret


Pitum Haketoret

  • Sephardic Calligraphy
  • Pitoum Haketoret manufactured and written in Israel
  • Made to order (processing time 5 days)
  • Verified by a graduated and scrupulous proofreader in respect of the Halakha.
  • Comes with holster.
  • Recommended by Rabbi Ron Chaya
  • Different options:
    • Without Menorah,
    • With Menorah & Golden verses
    • With Menorah with Golden outlines

A Judaica Art Workshop on Parchment

Yahalom haTorah also offers a section Art Judaica composed of a multitude of holy texts illustrated with paintings. All our items are made on real parchment of very good quality.

Whether you are looking for a Ketuba (marriage contract), a Birkat haBayit (blessing for the home), a Birkat haEssek (blessing for professional activity), a Echet Hail, or Other holy texts, we will be happy to offer you all our range of Art Judaica products.

This section Art Judaica is a source of inspiration when looking for an ideal gift for many occasions such as Hanukkah Bayit, weddings, engagements, birthdays etc … All our Art Judaica products are handcrafted in the workshops of Yahalom haTorah in Jerusalem.

Art Judaica Products

Birkat Bayit


Birkat Bayit

  • handmade;
  • On parchment of very good quality;
  • Made to order (Processing time 10 to 20 days);
  • The text is written by a professional Sofer Stam (scribe);
  • Size 400 mm × 400 mm;
  • Delivered without frame;
  • Changes can be made according to your wishes;
  • Judaica Art Painting

Course of Torah / Divré Torah

course of torah
Dvar Torah

A section Dvar Torah (Torah Word) is proposed containing a collection of information to read or watch on the Mezouzot, Tephilines, Megillat Esther and the world of sofrut in general. This section is an opportunity for those who wish to enrich their knowledge or simply answer any questions.

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