Birkat Bayit


Birkat Bayit

  • handmade;
  • On parchment of very good quality;
  • Made to order (Processing time 10 to 20 days);
  • The text is written by a professional Sofer Stam (scribe);
  • Size 400 mm × 400 mm;
  • Delivered without frame;
  • Changes can be made according to your wishes;
  • Judaica Art Painting

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Birkat Bayit on Parchment

This Birkat haBayit is made on real quality parchment and is illustrated with paintings and carvings

The Birkat Bayit is a blessing so that serenity, joy, peace, success and all Brakhot reside in the home. This Ségoula also allows the house to be impregnated with an atmosphere of Torah and Emouna (faith in D.). The custom is to install it on one of the walls of the main room of the house.

Judaica Art Paintings

Yahalom HaTorah emphasizes the quality of its Art Judaica paintings as well as the quality of the materials used. The Klaf (parchment) is of exceptional quality and is used by the best Sofrim (scribes) of Jerusalem. The paint is also an extra fine gouache of very good quality guaranteeing the liveliness of the colors over a duration of more than 20 years.

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Weight400 g


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