Birkat haEssek


ברכת העסק

  • handmade;
  • On parchment of very good quality;
  • Made to order (Processing time 10 to 20 days);
  • The text is written by a professional Sofer Stam (scribe);
  • A4 Size (210 mm × 297 mm)
  • Delivered without the frame;
  • Possibility of modification according to your wishes;

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Birkat haEssek

The Birkat HaEssek is a blessing for professional activities. It is customary to install it on the wall of the workplace, in order to reside the Chékhina (Divine presence) in our work. Thus, the Chékhina pours out all its blessings in our activities, whether in professional success, in Serenity as well as obtaining a simple sustenance allowing us to devote ourselves to the study of the Torah.

Art Judaica

Yahalom HaTorah emphasizes the quality of its Art Judaica paintings as well as the quality of the materials used. The Klaf (parchment) is of exceptional quality and is used by the best Sofrim (scribes) of Jerusalem. The paint is also an extra fine gouache of very good quality guaranteeing the liveliness of the colors over a duration of more than 20 years.

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Weight500 g


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